Top 20 Gay Canadians on INSTAGRAM (Ranked by Followers)*

Top 20
METHODOLOGY: Purely out of interest, ThunderReach gathered data on 3,738 gay Instagram users in Canada, and ranked them by follower counts. The chart included below reveals Canada’s Top 20 most-followed users.
Congratulations Jake Bass, Brent Everett, Pierre Fitch, Alen Palander, Scotty Bolton, Dan Bevan, Steve Peña, and Ashkan Hobian on making up Canada’s (Unofficial) #Gaystagram 100k Club.
COMING SOON:  ThunderReach will release Instagram gay user rankings by COUNTRY this summer, and the U.S. will be next!  Be sure to connect with ThunderReach on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter for updates coming soon!
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*Source: Instagram Analytics, 28-May-17

Note: If you notice a gay Canadian Instagram user with 50k+ followers missing from from this list, please let me know!  Our new country rankings are a work-in-progress, and there are certain to be at least some names missing.

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